Cuddle Patchwork Body Pillow

Hi- I'm Polly from Pieces by Polly and I'm happy to be sharing this easy Cuddle body pillow on My Cuddle Corner. When my son's 3rd grade teacher asked me to update her classroom reading corner, I knew I wanted to incorporate some Cuddle. Every pillow needs a good pillow cover, and if it's going to be used around kids, the pillow cover needs to come off and be washable, so this pillow cover has a zipper.

The teacher uses a toddler bed as a kind of sofa for the kids and it had a lumpy, faded, worn out body pillow as the backing cushion, so we decided it needed an upgrade.

The teacher is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan, so we wanted to incorporate Seahawks colors into the project. I used a combination of 10" squares from some Cuddle Cakes in Sterling Silver and Dark De Lux. Plus I cut some 10" squares from some Dark Lime Cuddle 3­® I had in my stash. In total there's Cuddle 3® in Navy, Dark Lime, Ash, Charcoal, and Silver in this pillow cover. Shannon Fabrics has lots of Cuddle Cakes packs to choose from if you want a different color combination.


What you'll need to complete this project: (Amounts may vary depending on the size pillow you're covering.)

  • 5 lb. Box of Poly-Fil® Premium Fiber Fill
  • 24 - 10" Cuddle Cake Squares from Shannon Fabrics. (1 Cuddle Cake is enough for a slightly shorter pillow or 2 Cuddle Cakes will give you plenty with extra left over.)
  • Old body pillow to recover (or new one)
  • 18" zipper
  • Coordinating thread
  • 1 2/3 yard fabric (ONLY if you're making a body pillow from scratch.)

Head over to the Pieces by Polly blog for complete instructions.





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Written by Ellen Mickelson
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