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Hi, I’m Reen, a Shannon Fabrics Brand Ambassador and owner of Embroidery Garden! Whether you’re traveling by plane or by car (or sitting on the couch), I've designed this super soft and comfortable.


We’re wrapping up Season 9 of Sew Together Tuesday with a must-watch episode for quilters!


Emily Tindall

Author & Digital Content Manager
Emily Tindall
Emily is a 20-something quilter who is passionate about teaching people how to quilt and sew, and fostering a community of quilters. Her journey with sewing began at 12 years old making costumes for school plays. Thankfully, her love for sewing has continued to grow and change ever since. After learning how to quilt from her grandmother, Emily has realized how drastically the relationship with her grandma has inspired her to want to teach others too. Her mission is to build relationships through fiber arts, and to help people learn new skills to express their own creativity.
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