Eye Spy Eyeglasses Case in Cuddle

Glamour Gal Eye Glasses Cases Eye Spy Eyeglasses Cases

Today we are sharing a quick and easy project, Eye Spy Eyeglasses Case! This project was designed and made by one of our fabric designers, Dana Brooks of My Lazy Daisy. Fabrics used are from our Lagoona line, which Dana designed. Make these simple, soft Cuddle eyeglass cases to keep your sunglasses, readers and prescription eye wear protected.


Simply use 5" strips and cut 18" long. You can use pre-cut strips from one of our Cuddle Throw kits. These kits have strips that are 5",  times the Width of Fabric (WOF), which for Cuddle is approx. 58"/60" wide. Take one strip, cut it into 3 pieces, and you can get three cases made from one strip (with a tiny bit left over)! You might even use strips from our Cuddle Throw kit Lagoona

Cuddle Throw Kit Lagoona Cuddle Throw Kit Lagoona


Fold down about 1 1/2" and stitch casing to feed the metal tape into.


Fold down and sew close to the edge

Cut two pieces of tape measure tape into 3 3/4" cuts. Tape the ends to cover sharp edges.

tape measure tape measure pieces


Feed into casing.  Place right sides together and stitch sides.  Turn  right side out and there you have a quick fun Eye Spy glasses case.

Eye Glasses Cases Eye Glasses Cases- all done!


Dana Brooks Dana Brooks

In addition to creating beautiful fabric designs for Shannon Fabrics, Dana also is the co-owner and head designer at My Lazy Daisy, the first and only direct sales quilting and sewing company.  You can check out Dana's company and her beautiful products and opportunities at www.mylazydaisy.com

And just to make sure this project is a winner, enjoy a few coconut M&Ms... a little chocolate with a hint of coconut...while you're working...aaahhh!! Yummm! Be sure to stay tuned for other quick and simple projects from Dana.

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Written by Ellen Mickelson
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