Luxe Cuddle® Minky Frame Pillows

Hello! Emilee here and I’m back with a fun and easy way to show off beautiful machine embroidery and Luxe Cuddle®. I love sewing and quilting when I’m not on the road as a fabric rep or a Shannon Brand Ambassador. It’s been a while since my last post (I think the Starry Cuddle® Flag Quilt was my last post!), but when I found out I had the opportunity to work Anita Goodesign I got right to work!

Pretty pillows in Luxe Cuddle with machine embroidery

The Lux Frame Pillow is so simple.

Luxe Cuddle Frame Pillows

Luxe Cuddle Frame Pillow with bear

Luxe Cuddle Frame Pillow with bike

Luxe Cuddle Frame Pillow with girl

I was lucky enough to receive this Anita Goodesign embroidery pack- A Sunday Afternoon. It is FULL of beautiful designs in 3 sizes. They feature super sweet applique touches and are just perfect for this fun pillow. I have used many of the Anita Goodesign embroidery designs before and have had the pleasure of helping at a couple local events. The designs do not disappoint---they are detailed and stunning. That paired with the easy to follow step-by-step tutorials make them a great choice for the beginner to the advanced machine embroiderer.

Anita Goodesign A Sunday Afternoon full collection

Anita Goodesign A Sunday Afternoon

To make a pillow you will need:

½ yard of Cuddle® Suede (I used white)
⅝ yard of Luxe Cuddle® (I used Luxe Cuddle® Hide in Sea Glass and Luxe Cuddle® Marble in Blossom) 1 ½ yard of larger pom pom trim
20 inch pillow form
Thread to coordinate (I use Isacord for the machine embroidery) TIP: I use my fabrics to let guide my thread selections rather than using what is suggested.

Cuddle Suede White

Luxe Cuddle Hide Sea Glass

Luxe Cuddle Marble Blossom

Luxe Cuddle Frame Pillows with machine embroidery so pretty

I used Shannon Cuddle® Suede in white to embroider on---and it is my new favorite base for embroidery. It has good body and weight without being stiff. The stitches and applique pop beautifully on it without using a topping.

These designs are LARGE!!! Maybe check your hoop size before you start. I used the medium design size for all 3 of my pillows. I hooped 1 layer of OESD medium weight cutaway and “floated” a layer of OESD tear away under the hoop.

under needle

sideways biid

I used scraps of cotton for the applique flowers and Luxe Cuddle® Hide for the bear--if you use Cuddle® or Luxe Cuddle® in applique remember to add topping to your design so that the stitching stays sharp. I did not use topping on any of the other applique or all over the designs. Once the design is done, remove the fabric from the hoop and trim to a 12.5 inch square.

bird with ruler

To add the pom poms, I drew a line a ¼ inch from the edge of the square. Line up the edge of the trim on that line. I did this because I wanted to use a ½ seam allowance with the Cuddle® and it made the pom poms much easier to add them trying to line them up with the edge.

Luxe Cuddle girl with pom pom in progress

Sew the trim down using a zipper foot. I started with the top and the bottom and then did the sides.

yellow pom

Time to cut the Luxe Cuddle®. Because many of the Luxe Cuddle® textures have a directional nap, I paid attention my cutting layout. Open up your ⅝ yard of the Cuddle® to a single layer and cut 2 strips parallel with the selvage at 4 ½ inches (2 strips -- 4 ½ inches x approximately 22). Then cut a 12 ½ inch strip again parallel with selvage. From this, sub cut 2 strips 4 ½ inches from the short side. (2 strips 12 ½ x 4 ½). Backing: 1 square 20 inches for a solid back or 2 rectangles at 15 inches (2 rectangles 15 x 20) for an envelope backing.

Take a moment to lay it out and make sure you have the nap all going the same direction. Attach the strips to the pillow starting with the short strips on the top and bottom with a ½ seam. I used my zipper foot with directional feed on my BERNINA 770.  If you don’t have directional feed, go slow, start with fabric under the feed dogs, and pin well. Trim the edges if needed.

Next attach the 2 strips to the sides, again taking a minute to make sure the nap is all going the same direction. You have will to trim the edges a bit. Your piece should measure about 20 x 20.

Prepare backing. If you are using the 20 inch square you can skip this step...just remember to leave a good size hole to insert the pillow. IF you are making the envelope back add a 1 inch hem to the INSIDE of both rectangles. Again, lay this out first and make sure you have the nap going in the same direction.

Place the pillow right side up and layer the backing on top with right sides together. If you are doing the envelope backing, you will overlap the 2 hemmed edges over the middle of the pillow top. I like to place just a couple clips on it and then flip it over to the other side so I can see the top of my pillow. Clip or pin well.

blue with pins

Sew around all 4 edges of the pillow with a ½ inch seam allowance using the pillow front for a seam guide. Leave about 10 inches open on the bottom edge for the solid back pillow. Sew all the way around for the envelope pillow. Clip the corners and turn. Add a 20 inch pillow form of your choice and you are DONE!

A pile of Luxe Cuddle pillows

Pretty Luxe Cuddle Frame Pillows with machine embroidery by Anita Goodesign

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I would like to see pictures of your pillows if you make them!

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Written by Ellen Mickelson
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