Cuddle® Minky Fabric Tabletop Décor Tutorial (Table Runner, Placemats, Napkins & Napkin Rings)

Cuddle® Minky Fabric Tabletop Décor Tutorial (Table Runner, Placemats, Napkins & Napkin Rings)

Have you explored Shannon Fabrics Cuddle® minky fabric for throws, baby items, stuffed friends or apparel? If so, are you ready for more ideas for Making The World A Softer Place® — especially your home?

I’m Linda Lingner, Shannon Fabrics Brand Ambassador from Long Island, NY, and I have some fun tabletop décor ideas to share to give your dining room some Shannon Fabrics flair.

Stacked shaped pumpkins: IJ997CR Pumpkin Trio by Crossroads by Amy Barickman; Pumpkins with leaves: Patchwork Pumpkins by Retro Mama; Turkey: Tully the Turkey by Sweetbriar Sisters; Vegetable stuffies- From the Garden by Cotton Ginny’s; Fruit stuffies- Stuffed Fruits by XanthePatterns; Polyester stuffing- Poly-Fil polyester filling by Farifield World

How to Make Cuddle® Minky Fabric Table Runners

Seasonal table runners are very popular, and since Cuddle® comes in so many colors, textures and prints, it’s easy to make several and have unique décor that’s machine washable.

The simplest rectangular runner can be made similar to a skinny throw — start with a yard, cut into two 18-inch by 60-inch pieces. All the regular sewing rules apply, make sure you’re using a 90/14 stretch needle, double pin with flat Clover flower head pins, use ½-inch seam allowance and a walking foot. Flip right sides together and sew the perimeter with a ½-inch seam allowance, leaving an opening to turn right side out. After turning, close the opening and topstitch one inch around the outside edge. This will help it lay flat and prevent rolling.

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Up your table runner’s style by creating a runner with a nice pointed end. Start with a yard of Cuddle® of your choice, and cut it into two 18-inch by 60-inch pieces. Mark a few basic measurements on the wrong side of one piece. We work on only one layer so the lines draw smoother and there’s no wiggling from the texture.

On the short end, mark the center point of the fabric. Use your ruler to make a second mark eight inches down along a long edge. Repeat on the other long side. Draw the line for your point from the long edge to the center mark from each outer edge. There’s no need to trim, and repeat on the other end.

Now, put the two pieces together, and check the nap so both pieces run the same direction. Double pin like crazy, and sew ½-inch in around the perimeter, leaving an opening to turn. Trim the point ends after sewing. Turn, sew the opening closed, and top stitch one inch around the top. If it’s a Luxe Cuddle®, I like to use the ByAnnie Stiletto to gently fluff the edges and topstitch for a totally smooth look. This is one of my favorite things to do, I find it very soothing. You’ll have a fast, beautiful, custom table runner that brings a little warmth and class to your table.

Cuddle® Minky Fabric Table Décor Tutorial (Table Runner, Placemats & Napkins)

How to Make Cuddle® Minky Fabric Placemats

Placemats are another easy project, and with so many Cuddle® prints to choose from it’s easy to have a unique, seasonal look. I cut two 14-inch by 18-inch rectangles per placemat. This will give you two complete placemats per half yard.

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Sew right sides together, and leave an opening for turning. I topstitch together at the edge. If I pin the seam allowance carefully, I can usually catch it by doing a ¼-inch topstitch.

How to Make Cuddle® Minky Fabric Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are a fun, unexpected touch to add to a festive table. For the most basic version, each napkin ring is from a 3 ½-inch by 7 ½-inch piece of fabric. When I make them to match the table runner I like to cut a 3 ½-inch strip from the short end of the table runner piece while it’s still a yard piece. It makes the runner slightly shorter, but no one will know.

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I sew the fabric strip into a long tube, right sides together. Turn right side out and cut into 7 ½-inch lengths. My trick to make them firm is to use Peltex Stabilizer or similar firm interfacing cut into 1 ¼-inch by 7 ¼-inch strips. Slip Peltex into each cut tube and rotate so the seam is centered on the outside. Bend into a circle and sew a ½-inch seam.

This is the wrong side, so after sewing, rotate it so the seam and center line are on the inside. This makes four napkin rings. A quarter yard or a 10-inch Cuddle® Sweet Strip will allow for many more napkin rings.

Cuddle® Minky Fabric Table Décor Tutorial (Table Runner, Placemats & Napkins)

How to Make Cuddle® Minky Fabric Napkins

Napkins are a necessary part of any tablescape. If you wanted to create napkins, my trick is washable basting tape. It’s a sticky product with one side protected by a wax paper strip.

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I cut 14 ½-inch squares of digital Cuddle® for each napkin. Basting tape is ¼-inch wide, so it’s applied right on the cut edge. The backing is peeled off and the edge is folded over and sticks down. Since Cuddle® doesn’t fray this can be a raw finish. Topstitch edges to hold folds down.

I hope you enjoyed these new ways bring some Shannon Fabrics to your table.


If you have any questions about Cuddle® minky plush fabrics or any of our Cuddle® Kits, feel free to contact our friendly, no-pressure customer service team at 866-624-5252.

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