The 5 Best Faux Fur Wholesalers (Reviews/Ratings)

the best faux fur wholesalers
While not exhaustive, these five faux fur wholesalers are a great starting point. 

Who are the best faux fur wholesalers? This a tough question to answer, as many faux fur fabric wholesalers have a limited online presence and oftentimes only connect with new customers at trade shows or through word of mouth. 

But let’s say you, as a retailer or manufacturer, are interested in purchasing faux fur for your business. You’re likely going to type “faux fur wholesalers” into Google, but how can you determine which is right for you?

Don’t fall victim to picking the first sponsored ad that shows up at the top of the results page — it’s important to find a faux fur wholesaler you can trust. 

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Here at Shannon Fabrics we offer more than 130 different faux fur fabrics in a variety of colors and textures. Our fabrics are not only durable and of the highest quality, but they’re soft, safe and are offered at a strong value. We don’t live under a pile of fabric, and we know you have other options to consider before picking the right faux fur wholesaler. 

Options are always good (especially when it comes to business), and we believe in an honest and transparent philosophy of educating first, selling second. And because we’ve been in the fabric industry for almost 25 years, we know what to look for regarding all things faux fur fabric and faux fur wholesalers. 

While not exhaustive, these five faux fur wholesalers are a great starting point. 

To be neutral, we’ve removed Shannon Fabrics from this list. 

The 5 Best Faux Fur Wholesalers (in no particular order)

  • EZ Fabrics, Inc.
  • Morgan Fabrics Corporation
  • Sommers Plastic Products
  • Expo International, Inc.
  • Télio

ez fabric faux fur wholesaler
EZ Fabrics, Inc.

EZ Fabrics, Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Year founded: 1996

Products include: Minky, faux fur

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Notables: EZ Fabrics is a wholesaler based in Los Angeles that offers minky (Snuggle is their brand of minky) in a variety of colors, designs and prints, and faux fur fabrics in solid and two-tone prints.

morgan fabrics faux fur wholesaler
Morgan Fabrics Corporation

Morgan Fabrics Corporation

Location: Los Angeles, CA; Shanghai, China

Year founded: 1956

Products include: Faux suede, sheers, faux furs, outdoor fabrics, linen

Notables: Morgan Fabrics Corporation supplies fabrics to manufacturers and fabricators in the home furnishing, recreational vehicle and hospitality industries. They specialize in woven fabrics, and offer a handful of faux furs (sheepskin) in solid colors. 

sommers plastic products faux fur wholesaler
Sommers Plastic Products

Sommers Plastic Products

Location: Clifton, NJ

Year founded: 1948

Products include: Synthetic, vegan leather and fur, polyurethane, PVC

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Notables: Sommers Plastic Products was one of the first companies to use rubber and rubber-like materials in fashion settings. While known more for their polyurethane and PVC, they offer faux fur in few different colors and textures. 

expo international faux fur wholesaler
Expo International, Inc.

Expo International, Inc.

Location: Houston, TX

Year founded: 1983

Products include: Home decor trims, bridal trims, appliques, accessories

Notables: Expo International, Inc. specializes in fashion and home decor trims, and they offer faux fur trims in a variety of colors, textures and widths. They also offer faux fur pillows and accessories. 

telio faux fur wholesaler


Location: Montreal, Canada

Year founded: Unavailable

Products include: Polyester and rayon prints, silks, bridal laces, faux fur

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Notables: Télio has been importing and exporting wholesale fashion fabrics for three generations. They’re known more for their polyester and rayon prints, but they offer shaggy faux fur fabric in black and off white. 


Next Steps

These five companies listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to faux fur fabric wholesalers, but it’s a great starting point for you and your business to compare and shop around. 

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Since we’re faux fur wholesalers too, we know what to look for and it’s our job to help you find the right fit. Beyond simply finding whether or not a fabric wholesaler offers faux fur, here are a few additional details to compare when deciding between different wholesalers:

  • Product selection
  • Product availability
  • Material/content
  • Quality
  • Weight
  • Pile height
  • Price
  • Country of origin
  • Shipping charges
  • Return policy
  • Care instructions
  • Loyalty rewards

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this is normal. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind, and no matter if you decide to purchase faux fur from us or not, we’re here to help. 

Feel free to check out our library of free (yes, you read that right) educational resources, including patterns, tutorials and videos to learn more about this fabric we love so much. 

Also, be sure to join the conversation on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, where we schedule daily posts about new product releases, tips and tricks and LIVE video tutorials with our National Educator Teresa Coates. 

No matter if you’re interested in buying faux fur at the wholesale level, or just want to learn more about faux fur in general, feel free to give one of our friendly customer service representatives a call at (866) 624-5252. If you’re ready to incorporate faux fur into your next sewing project, use our store locator to find faux fur fabric near you.

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